Monday, 4 April 2011

Overwhelming Ossimness in Auction Form

PHEW :: mops brow ::

The last two weeks have been spent organising an auction in the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group on Ravelry, with the proceeds to go towards aid for Japan, the recipient of a devastating earthquake and tsunami a few weeks ago, with aftershocks still continuing even as I type.  (Yes, it was quite a late auction, considering, but being for-all-intents-and-purposes unemployed just now, I have no grasp of calendric points of interest, like actual dates and days of the week!)

The response was immense! Overwhelming, in fact, or just about! Donations poured in, all amazing in their own way, from home-baked scones, to hand-turned pens, to delicious skeins of yarn, to fabulous sets of patterns (guess what I donated?!), to custom knit socks, to decadent lots of body scrubs and smellies and bath gorgeousnesses, to hand-made quilts, to batts of fibre-y goodness, to bacon chocolate (I'm telling you - had I been in the possession of any money at all, this would have been MINE!!), to watercolour paintings, to amazing sets of precious needles, to knitting novels, to calligraphy services, to custom-knit shawls. AND BEYOND.  OVER 75 auctions in all.

Truly, truly amazing!  And what's more truly amazing is:


(Monies raised going to Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, The International Red Cross, and The Search Dog Foundation.)

Many, many thanks go to the bidders, the donors, the time-givers, the time-keepers, the winners, the non-winners, the pompom wavers, the lurkers, the kamikaze last-minuters, and everyone else who looked in! 

Especially to itgirl (whose help was invaluable), plus dizzybea, knittingfiddler, ktb38, Ericafillyjonk, knittybe, erqsome, Veriton, MonicaPDX, frenchiekisses, webgeckos, LtdEdition, casey2, whirlybird, Savitar, Drin, alwen, monkeypants, kultakutri, bigalice, Dyddgu, GravitySlave, madmoon, bemgelado, teabird, kermit, Roswitha, Hexenkind, beeca, boxkikker, thegeorg, gwynivar, historyweaver, troubleagain, loves2design, heatherfeather, auntietracy, hbd, Lissagail, InJuneau, stabbycat, markfifersmyhero, mitchy, lizajane, teabird, Goldbek, DianeS, Sockenanja, iamtheinfidel, fiberqat, HeatheroutsideBOS, arpelia, justnet, mpindstrup, Dragon, DonnaD, rwest81, KnittyBe, LunaTheFarmLady, Faaayth, Gigi, ZaftigWendy, pokito, Bettiegee, aminca, jdlashier, MidnightOwl, CorinnesKnits, aimers1212, JoeysHouse, rrevbbd and last but not least, zuzusunshine!!  

(If I've missed you, it's due to lack of brain-function today, not because of any nefarious intentions!)

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Footerin' Aboot
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