Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Finishing Touches...

... are being made to another alcoholic sock pattern!  Oh yes indeedy!  Involving yarn in these colours:

Mmmm...  fruity, do you think?  Could be...

a little toe-instep action

Toe-up?  Ooh yes.  Afterthought heel?  Very possibly.  Contrasting cuff? Does the Pope pray?
yes, the pope prays
I'm pleased with these babies, and in the process of making the pattern I've added two new knitting devices to my repertoire. WIN!

Beware the VLT:  I shall be canvassing for test knitters in the very near future!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Elation. An Elegy, Part the Second.

Otherwise entitled: "The Sock Support" surprise: The Reason Behind Writing the Last Post of DOOOOM.

Ravelry never ceases to amaze and astound me.  Yes, there is a wealth of patterns to be found.  Yes, there is technical help and advice around every corner.  Yes, you can join a group with fellow fibrists who share your love of socks, 'Lost', David Tennant, or playing the mouth organ.  Okay, I'm not positive about that last one, but if there's not one now, it can't be long...  But above all, yes, you can find friends.

Today I have been humbled by the kindness that has flowed over the intertubez from people in Ravelry.  I don't really have the words for this, which is most unlike my normal verbose self, but I am above all buoyed-up by their support.  I'm almost embarrassed with the attention, in fact.  So, thank you to everyone who was involved in the Sock Support project (for want of another name) and especially to Scrubmonkey and Craftswoman who, legend has it, masterminded the whole shebang.  I have no idea how they did it, but gift horses were never meant to be orally examined!

Thank you!

And in the true spirit of Completely Pointless and Arbitrary, I give you skipping electricity pylons.  Because I can.

Down In The Dumps. An Elegy, Part the First

marjory the trash heap

Now, as you all know, I'm not one for parading my innermost feelings about on the interwebz.  Well, at least not on something as public as my Wronicles, at any rate.  Saying that, I do wish my three avid readers to know that the reason I've not been keeping up-to-date, Wronicles-wise, is not because of you.  It's truly not you.  It's me...  But don't worry, this isn't going to be a 'Dear John' post, in fact, just the opposite.  But you need to read on to see whether I've finally flipped or not...

So, where was I?  Oh yes, it's not you, it's me...  And it's The Fates.

red shakespeare

The Fates and I are not on the best of terms at the moment. They seem to take great pleasure in scaling tremendous heights then dumping crap on my life from the icy regions above.  But let's be honest here: with the current state of financial crap-dom and the knock-on effects, Fate is having a WHALE of a time, least of all with me.  But, as all things must be worn-down by the ceaseless pounding of Time and Murphy's Law No. 332 (the one involving saving up to buy a pint of beer but tripping up over a bar-stool and watching said beer go flying onto the local thug's brand-new leather jacket), so has this Fraggle's spirit been ground down.  Or as much as something so ethereal can be flattened. Hmmm, might have to go back and change something to include the Wind of Fate instead.  Although, no - being blown away by Murphy's Wind of Fortune smacks of something altogether of a more unsavoury olfactory theme...

But I digress.  Slightly.  Really, this is just a little post to say that things are on top of me at the moment that make functioning on a normal level slightly tricky.  My poor Wronicles are again falling by the way-side.  I've barely knit anything for months and as for designing?  Well, I've started to pick up my latest alcoholic sock pattern again, but mostly have just looked at it and put it back down.  I have, however, figured out what to do with the heel.  So all is not lost.  I may have even figured out what to do with the cuff.  We shall get there in the end...

Mair Bloag Weejits

Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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