Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Holy Fairy Godmothers, Batman...

See this?

Hmm, possibly not...  Hold on...

No, you're just going to have to click on it...

Why?  Well, my gob has been smacked with a random (or perhaps not so random) act of kindness.  There was I, merrily replying away to posts in a Pointless and Arbitrary forum on Rav when my eye was caught by a pretty advert at the bottom of the page.  It was the colours, I think, that grabbed my attention first, as they were the same colours as my Strawberry Mojito Socks, the pattern of which has, as you know, just been published.

Well bugger me if it isn't an advert for the self-same socks! Someone has been busy making up an advert for the Mojito Socks and arranging for it to be shown on Ravelry!  I'm delighted and stunned at the same time!

Thank you, Fairy Bobmother.

Mair Bloag Weejits

Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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