Saturday, 18 September 2010


... or Actual Knitting Content!! I know!  ACTUAL knitting content.  I guess I should have put a warning in the title for those not au fait with knitting acronyms. WARNING: ACTUAL KNITTING CONTENT FOLLOWS.  PLEASE TO BE SITTING DOWN.

A dear friend here in Holland gave birth 3 weeks early to a very beautiful wee boy.  3 weeks early.  Very inconsiderate considering I was staying in the Vale of Procrastination at the time.  I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned here, and I'll consider thinking about it tomorrow.

Of course, mad pattern searching ensued (yes, I had even left choosing a pattern until the last moment) and I arrived at the darling little Baby Eyelet Cardi by Linda from Clicketyclick, and the wee Eva's Hat by Barb Kopacek.  (The one thing I had chosen beforehand, though, was the yarn: Mama Llama's Perfect Sock in the 'Roya'l colourway.  More sport-weight than fingering, it was just right for the job in hand.)

The cardi was chosen primarily because it's seamless, as seams are not my friend: knit on circular needles from the top yoke down, then leaving the sleeve holes on spare needles to be picked-up after the rest of the cardi is done, it's finished in a day or two.  (Yes, I know it could have been completed in a day, but what's a girl to do when NCIS, Cold Case and The Big Bang Theory come a-calling?)  The picot edging is a pretty detail, and there's no extra hassle with button holes, as the eyelet holes in the design do the job very handily!  Huzzah for designers who consider the laziness of potential knittees!

The hat is supposed to have a matching(ish) picot edge, but I didn't get it to work all the way around, but that was down to my own hemming skills, not the pattern.  Why yes, I did take a picture of the side that does work!  How did you guess?  On the whole, though, this is a darling wee thing, a very quick knit indeed (a matter of a couple of hours) and definitely full of squeeeeeee.  Baby garments are just so CUTE!

And because I don't think I can shock you any more, here's something else that shall soon be a-driving on the test circuit:

Well, I'm not going to give it all away now, am I?

Mair Bloag Weejits

Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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