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arty-farty pseudo 1920 photo
Well, I have to admit that making this pattern, and knitting up the actual socks has been a LOT of fun, so it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my new Prohibition Socks!

Neatly bringing together my two current themes of costume through the ages, and booze, these Prohibition Socks, with a gangster pinstripe trouser leg covering a crisp pair of spats (that give a nod towards a neat white hanky triangle shown from the upper jacket pocket) and shiny black oxford brogues, are worthy of Al Capone himself! 

This is a cuff down, afterthought-heeled, seam-footed, be-buttoned sock inspired by 1920’s foot fashion, and the promise of bootleg liquor!

This gangster sock begins with a really cool pinstripe trouser-leg fold-over cuff that looks impressive but is really a very simple slip stitch, 2-round pattern,

which lie over a contrasting set of spats, that appear almost embossed with a triangle pattern that represents the corner of a handkerchief poking out of the suit's jacket breast pocket.  The leg part includes some neat little nupps that pretend to be buttons.

The spats, which include the 'elastic strap' on the sole, continues over the shiny Oxford Brogue toe. (Although, technically, it's a Half-Oxford, but I reckoned it was all getting a little too wordy!)

The construction of this sock is a little different from the norm...

You start off in the round for the fold-down cuff and inner ribbing, then when you reach the place where you add the row of spare yarn for the afterthought heel, you then continue to work on two sides, on the flat, a little like working on two heel flaps, one for the sole, one for the instep upper.

Once you reach the length you need (I measured mine against another sock that had an afterthought heel/short-row heel, as it gives a good indication of the middle of the heel for measuring) you then join the two sides together using mattress stitch or backstitch - or something that gives you a nice flat seam.  (I used backstitch - apologies for dodgy piccie - it's not the easiest thing on earth to photograph one-handed!)

After you have joined the sides together, it's a simple thing indeed to continue in the round with the Oxford toe, and onto the finished sock, via the completion of the afterthought heel.

These socks just make me smile!

And for only $4 (£2.45, €2.80) you can smile too, just by clicking on the buy now link below!  It'll take you straight to the Ravelry buy page. (You don't need to be a member to buy patterns from Ravelry, or to look at the design pages!)

And talking of design pages - you can click HERE for the Prohibition Socks page for further info!  But shhhhh - watch out for the feds!


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