Sunday, 23 August 2009

Here's one I made earlier.

irish ale socks 'murphy's red' verysion by yours truly
walker merino sock yarn by the yarn side
in red lentil evenings colourway

Because right now?  Too hot for anything.  Really.  Just too hot.  What with the mean temperature in my apartment  over the last few weeks of 29°C (oh to live in a country where air-conditioning is the norm) even a mention of the 'Y' word* is enough to bring on a most unlady-like bout of perspiration. 

This means, of course, that very little knitting has been done. Plenty of drawings, working-outs, (or should that be workings-out?) typing-up, chart-making and name-choosing, but very little entanglement of string and sticks to see whether all
this general periphery of sock-making actually makes sense in 3D.

So instead of anything brand-spankingly new, shiny and hot off the needles, I'm showing you my finished pair of Irish Ale Socks.  Actually, I've been remiss in posting about these darlings, as I finished them over 3 weeks ago. 

frothy cuff close-up

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm fond of these babies.  The yarn is so very soft and possesses the perfect semi-solid colour I had in mind for this version.  The lace is stretchy but not too stretchy and they fit perfectly.  Oh Yes. 

And I just LOVE how the stitch pattern turned out!  It shows off the 'Y'* a real treat, too. 

mine's a pint

You can find the link to the main pattern page in the 'Weavin' Paitrens' box just to the right.

But back to the old grindstone.  Situated very nicely just across from the standing fan.

(*Yarn... ack :: sweats :: )

Thursday, 13 August 2009

O is for...


What with concerts in Brittany and slight attacks of vertigo, my poor Wronicles have been somewhat neglected as of late.
But, true to form, I have photos of stained-glass.  Many photos of stained glass, in fact.  I may have to treat myself to some extra memory for my poor overladen computer in the near future.

So, Brittany, eh?  Indeed.  In the rather lovely fortified port town of Saint-Malo. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to have a wander around the town, which is a royal shame, as the fortress, ramparts and ancient architecture had me drooling as we drove past them to the cathedral.  Or the
Cathédrale Saint-Vincent-de-Saragosse de Saint-Malo to give it its full title.  Bit of a mouthful, but quite the cathedral!

the rose window from the altar

We were singing Domenico Scarlatti's 'Stabat Mater' for 10 voices here, and it was an absolute pleasure.  (I'd never performed, never mind heard this piece before, and was blown away - I'd recommend listening to the recording by The Immortal Bach Ensemble, directed by Morten Shuldt-Jensen on Naxos.) The accoustics weren't too boomy in the cathedral, considering we were in the middle of an extremely large building and being in the crossing, we weren't hampered by anything that could have dampened the sound.  Rather pleasant, on the whole!

But I didn't let this singing thing get in way of my cameratic photophying! 

old-style windows
new-style windows (totally in my colours - nom!)

old-style windows

new-style...  yeah, you get the picture!
(feel free to click on the piccies to get a bigger view...)

I was click-happy, but have to admit that quite a few photos didn't come out.  I try not to use flash most of the time, as it just flattens everything out, and you get a false light relation, but there was one photo of one of the side chapels that turned out looking like a painting by Vermeer:

just lacking period dress and a jug-toting milkmaid

Yes, I know, it's just the colours and the light spilling in the windows, but it's quite pretty never-the-less!

But back to ye olde-grindstone.  I've just started work on a new alcoholic sock...  something a little fruitier this time...  ;-)

Mair Bloag Weejits

Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
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