Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Garnished For Your Pleasure

The Summer is just around the corner and it'll soon be that time of year to drink cocktails in the garden.  Or the balcony.  Or you might already be  sipping drinks in the comfort of your own living room while the snow swirls around outside.  (Seriously, what is with the weather just now?)
Whatever the time of year you prefer to indulge in a little cocktail therapy, how does a splash of Strawberry Mojito sound?

strawberry mojito socks by yours truly
beyond basics superwash sock by knittingdiva in love struck
lang yarns jawoll superwash solid in green

Knit from the toe up, this is a lacy sock with an afterthought heel with a contrasting mint-leaf-like garnish for the cuff.


I suggested using a Turkish cast-on, but to be honest any cast-on will do that gives you the correct number of stitches.  The afterthought heel was a revelation to me and I may have to use it for every sock I ever knit from now on!  Seriously - what an excellent invention!

turkish toe
afterthought heel - before
afterthought heel - after (heh!)

The sock is finished with some ribbing (for hold-up power) and a contrasting mint-leaf-like lace fold-over cuff with a picot cast-off.

it's all in the garnish, dahling!
The method of making these little babies can be yours for only $3.50 (roughly €2.40 or £2.00) through Ravelry downloads!  I know!  A steal!  I can't remember exactly how I managed to link everything up before, but bear with me - there should be a wee sales button to click at any minute!

(Go on, you know you want to!)

strawberry mojito socks and dm's ftw!

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Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
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