Monday, 20 July 2009

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New Pattern (woohoo!)

irish ale socks 'murphy's red' version by yours truly
walker merino sock yarn by the yarn side
in red lentil evenings colourway

Yes indeedy!  Not only am I posting twice in two days, (shock, horror) I have a new pattern to pimp!  HUZZAH!

May I present RedScot's Irish Ale Socks...

After showing my Gin and Tonic socks to some friends, it was suggested that I continue the alcoholic beverage theme and make some Guinness-type socks.  I, of course, thought this was a marvellous idea until I realised that if I was to make a pattern for black yarn, then I'd need, at the very least, a very lacy and/or textured pattern...

irish ale socks (Guinness version)
phildar preface in

This feather-and-fan type stitch with a half-drop fits the bill very well, as it creates a great swirly 'just-poured' look, complete with more lacy eyelets than you can shake a ball of black yarn at!
Topped with a frothy lacy-ribbed, fold-over cuff to complete the look, these Irish Ale Socks look almost good enough to slurp!  Why not try them in green for St Patrick's Day?!

The cuff is knitted quite loosely with a frothy lace rib, then turned inside out and continued in an ordinary 2x2 rib for staying-put power!

some nameless white mostly acrylic white yarn
but it does the job quite nicely!

I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with this pattern, as it looks great with black wool, as well with lighter variegated types.  I have been very fortunate with my testers for this sock, and there has been a great range of yarns used - even a self-striping that looks very striking, too!

thirsty, anyone?

Using two contrasting yarns to symbolise the frothy head and swirling, settling ale-y goodness, these socks are knit from the cuff down, with written instructions for using dpns, although circ users will find it easy to follow, too. (My intrepid test knitters were of both types!)  

If you'd like to have a copy of this pattern you can buy it for only $3.50 (roughly €2.40 or £2.00) from the Ravelry download shop by clicking here:
Go on - you know you want to! =D Many thanks to G, C and H for all their help!


Abby Monday, 20 July 2009 at 22:56:00 BST  

You're a pattern writing MACHINE! ;-)

sloth-knits Thursday, 23 July 2009 at 07:57:00 BST  

The socks are very pretty! They also kind of make me want a beer but I guess that isn't such a bad thing...inconvenient because it's almost midnight here, but not so bad...I think?

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