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verbe transitif 

1.musique [chanson, messe] to sing
qu'est-ce que tu me chantes là? (figuréwhat are you talking about?
2.[célébrer] to sing (of)
chanter victoire to crow (over one's victory)
chanter les louanges de quelqu'un to sing somebody's praises

(or so tells me...)

Well, singing is, after all, my means of earning enough to keep a roof above my head.  (Except for dabbling in the odd spot of sock designing, of course...)  I, as the the saying goes, sing for my supper.  Apart from the ever-present worry about working free-lance (or trying to) in an economy that dislikes the arts, it ain't so bad...

I get to sing in places like this:

la grand'chambre du parlement de bretagne

and this:

salle gaveau, paris
singing stuff like this:

'twas within a furlong of edinborough toun' by h purcell
yours truly and le petite ensemble (live 2009)

'when i am laid in earth' from dido and aeneas by h purcell
yours truly and musica ad rhenum (2006)

'più non si trovano' from 6 notturni by wa mozart
moi, h rasker, k-j de koning, stadler trio

'spruch' r schumann
moi, k landshamer, i danz, j hantai (piano)

excerpt from 'where shall i fly' from hercules by gf handel
moi and the junge kantorei, frankfurt

excerpt from 'ich hab'ein glühend messer' from lieder eines fahrenden gesellenby g mahler - moi and the nijmeegs studentenorkest

in places like this:

hitomi memorial hall, tokyo
(that's me in the silver and black gown)

and this:

teatro communale di ferrara, italy

and in places like this:

auditorio alfredo kraus in las palmas de gran canaria

and this:

l'abbaye notre-dame d'ambronay, france

I know, it seems incredibly glamorous and indeed, it can be for those at the top of the ladder.  The rest of us grab the oo-shiny where we can and struggle on trying to make ends meet the rest of the time.  I'd say it balances out...


p.s. many apologies for the nasty, nasty style, font and other blogger issues.  This thing seems to be getting harder and harder to use and make something pleasing to the eye...

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