Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy New Ye... oh.

Oops. Where did January go?  I swear it just arrived yesterday, but I see the bags are packed to go and February is waiting at the door to take over the room. Then again, January is never a particularly pleasant house-guest, chasing away work and sneaking in unsavoury friends for long nights of playing the blues.

I must admit that January has been productive is some ways... apart from the all-night woe-fests, and there are some patterns coming together, including a very exciting project which is reaching fruition...

<--- ...using this, which is in a very special colourway!

More of which I shall leave for a later date, but I can say this one thing: OM NOM NOM NOM.  And I'll add a squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for good measure.  Because I can, and because, basically, it is TOTALLY called-for.  Oh YES!  January Blues can't keep a good squeeeeee down, that's for sure.

Oh, and this lovely yarn knits-up prettily, too, with just the right balance of softness and stitch definition!  

You are welcome to have a guess at the name of the new sock - it's another sock using the theme of alcoholic drinks, so I'll be intrigued to hear what you come up with!  (If you know already, keep mum!) If you have any ideas, let the comment box know! ;-)

In other news, I got an amazing gift from a very dear friend for Christmas: 10 balls of Rowan Kidsilk and a pattern book especially for said Rowan Kidsilk, called 'Little Luxury Knits' by Alison Crowther-Smith!  SO WONDERFUL! (And bonus points go to my friend, as she knows the author personally.  Even more bonus points added, because said dear friend is a muggle!)

rowan kidsilk haze in 'ghost'
rowan kidsilk haze in 'putty'

rowan kidsilk aura in 'vintage'

rowan kidsilk aura in 'logan berry'
rowan kidsilk haze in 'hurricane'

and not a shawl in sight - bliss!
Sweet!  =D

Mair Bloag Weejits

Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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