Sunday, 13 March 2011

Loose Ends

No, no, this post isn't going to be about my unhappy relationship with yarn ends and weaving-in...  This post is going to be about the few little projects I've finished but have yet to post about. 

That they may have one or two ends not woven-in is pure co-inkydink. As they say. Anyway, I...  I don't wanna talk about it... Ooh, look over there... shiny!

Talking of ooh-shiny... hey, come back.  Yes, more ooh - shiny here...

'come dancing' by laurie lee
frog hair fibres superwash merino sock in denim
I've finally finished these lovely socks and sent them off to Scotland, where my sister's feet will benefit from the yarny gorgeousness.  (It's a RAK, so I had to wait to post this until she got them!  We won't discuss the paltry effort by Border Security of 'sellotaping' the parcel together again after they inspected it...  I'm just glad they arrived at all!)

The pattern, Come Dancing, by Laurie Lee, is lovely and simple. Apart from teh studip picot cuff. Bleh. Each of my socks has a twisted cuff where some lovely picot edging should be. My own fault, of course, as the fold-over and pick-up-behind malarkey just seems to be outwith my technical grasp, and has nothing to do with the pretty pattern itself.

one side parfait, one side abominable
But the yarn.  THE YARN!  Soft. So very, very soft. And bloody strong, too. I almost had to use scissors to cut the ends, instead of relying on a few chomps from my choppers. (Don't hate - if you knew how many pairs of scissors I own yet have no inkling of their whereabouts, you'd be snipping with your incisors, too!)
Annoyingly, a moth or two must have found at least one small pair of scissors at some point, as there was a hole almost all the way through the ball when I came to knitting the second sock (obviously had good taste), but in the end it didn't detract from what truly is some lovely yarn.

I don't think I told you about the Berry Necklet I made for DS's Christmas, either...  Eet's vairy naice!  

berry necklet
katia azteca in reds

Based on the Berry Gauntlets I made aeons ago, this is a bejewelled necklet version, but do you think my camera could take a decent photo of the reds, raspberries, and burgundies? Nah, not really.  Nearly every shot turned out looking like it was red and pink-striped. I hasten to tell you all that in real life, this is really a wonderful colour-change yarn.

This smooshiness plus some cables and beads, and voilà, one cosy necklet!

Coming up soon: NEW SOCKS PATTERNS and other exciting developments!  :)

Don't touch that dial, now...


Spinster Beth Sunday, 13 March 2011 at 20:35:00 GMT  

Very nice! The socks are gorgeous and the neck warmer is lovely. I like putting beads in with cables, too; do you thread the beads onto the yarn or use dental floss or thread to pull them on when knitting?

RedScot Tuesday, 15 March 2011 at 00:43:00 GMT  

I add the beads on afterwards with plastic thread. I'd never be able to tell how many to thread on the wool otherwise!

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Footerin' Aboot
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