Tuesday, 11 November 2008

V and W are for...

Viral WIPs

zombies - the return
angels & elephants 4-ply sock  yarn in maisie

It's serious.  I'm very ill.  My Startitis has flared-up quite badly this week, and I'm worried there's no cure...  I can't seem to stop starting  new knitting projects.  Then again, I can't seem to start stopping old ones, either.  My Finishitis seems to have cleared-up completely.

The yarn I'm using for the Return of the Zombie Socks has undergone a fair workout this week...  It started out as the cuff and 1st two inches of a pretty lacy sock.  Or so
the pattern title informed me.  Alas, alack, it was not to be as I couldn't make out the patten when it was knitted up for love nor money, so it was frogged.  But I had balled that skein of maisie and I was determined to use it.  I tried a couple of inches of a test pattern (that shall remain nameless until it is a) announced to the world by the designer and b) actually knitted up properly by yours truly) but the yarn wasn't quite solid enough for that job either.  I needed something with a bold pattern, something a little on the weird side, something that didn't need semi-solids for the pattern to show... And then I remembered the Zombie Socks I made earlier this year.  Dropped stitches everywhere and a very clear design.  HUZZAH!  Perfetto!  Knit, knit, knit... but there was something nibbling at my conscious...

housglass socks
angels & elephants shetland sock in sea spray

This poor little Hourglass sock has been sitting on my shelf watching me start things all week.  Salty tears of abandonment would be shed if it could cry, I'm sure.  For some reason I've just not been into doing weeny cables recently...  Big chunky b*st*rds, hell yeah, but what goes around comes around, and no doubt I'll be ignoring all my lacy things next week and weaving teeny tiny cables like there's no tomorrow.

muscari socks
angels and elephants 4-ply sock in pentillie

But the hourglass socks are not the only things not getting finished, oh no... These Muscari socks are (or should I say will be) gorgeous to the nth degree.  The pattern is simple enough to memorise yet complicated enough to keep you from getting bored.  I think this pattern will also work with a more variegated yarn too, as the the rows are all different amounts of stitches each... Yes, I admit it - I nearly started these in another yarn this week, but I valiantly managed to stave-off the infection.  Kind of... instead I started another pair of Cabled Glovelets.  See?  I told you it was serious...

verdant glovelets
madil yarns iceland in olive green

Nom nom nom - this yarn is so very chunkily gorgeous and warm.  What's that you say?  They look like the ones I posted about last time...? Heh, well, yes indeed... erm... this virus is very contagious...  I have some little extras to add to these when they're finished - a touch of decadence, perhaps.  Well, you'll find out soon enough, as these babies are nearly done.  Or should be... soon...

Maybe when I've done some more to the next viral wip...

bandwagon jaywalker socks
opal sock yarn in shades of milka cow

I'm trying to decide whether these will be a disaster or not...  If they are, K, dear sister mine, you're getting them for Christmas!  Bwah hahahah haaaaaaah!  Seriously though, I'm never too sure about these kinds of variegated yarn - they are of such a Goldilocks type - sometimes too blah, sometimes too ARGH, sometimes just right...  I guess it's too early to tell at the moment, but this close the colours smack slightly of a combination Friesian and Milka cow...

I need to be thoroughly infected with Finishitis again... I have baby booties to complete, a secret something for DS, a log-cabin bag for myself, oh, and a myriad of other things...

oo - look over there - shiny...


ktb38 Wednesday, 12 November 2008 at 19:53:00 GMT  

I love everything! The green pink socks are my favorite tho.

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Footerin' Aboot
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