Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Why yes, yes indeed. Wronicles. (Pronounced rŏn'ĭ-kəl - ron-i-kuh-l, from the Greek ρονικάm, don't you know...) Oh. I see...  You think I've made the word up... May I enlighten you? As blogs are really web logs, then wronicles are web chronicles.

Well, they are now, anyway!  (So, yes, I did make it up - you were right! And anyway,
Bronicle sounds too much like something you'd scrape off the bottom of a boat...)

So here are the fruits of your labours!  I hope you like them.  Thank you for voting in the poll, and for your comments and private messages. (I now have to figure out how I can respond by email to your comments, but, one step at a time, I guess!) Oh, and apologies for not waiting until the week of polling was over!  I got too grabby hands with the blogger templates!

But before I go on, I need a little something pictorial in nature here... Hmmm...

in honour of the hairdresser with whom I have just booked an 
appointment - she teaches me the smuttiest of french jokes!

Ah, just what the doctor ordered. 

Now, where was I?  Ah yes.  So, gone is the black. Au revoir, noir!  Readability was the biggest issue in the polling and I do have to admit that the white on black may have given some clarity of text issues.  I did like it, however, as a great background for the photos, but because I am as big a blabber as I am a snapper, readability had to come first.  You'll notice I still added some darkness, just not in the main column!

Colours.  Well, I have a fondness for purple, green, black (well, as non-colours go, I'm still rather fond of it) and, on looking around my apartment, I also find I must be partial to blue, too.  It's everywhere!  But I digress...  Black was out, as, well, you know... Green, well, green is lovely, but as my main website is GREEN already (see below), I thought it would be unfair to the other colours to indulge again.  I tried some blues, but although it looked very pretty, it did smack slightly of being a poster-page for Delft pottery.  So, the obvious choice to keep all those colours from falling out was to choose...  Well, you can see what I chose.  Dusky, heathery purples with a hint of sage for highlights (just to keep green, happy... you never know - could get jealous...! Green - jealous - geddit? geddit?!  Don't worry, I'm sighing and shaking my head at myself as I type...)

green, some green, and just a smidgeon of green

I did, in the end settle on this layout - the actual blog wronicle part is wider than the last one, which means that photos sit better, and the post doesn't seem to last forever anymore!  I found the template amongst the wonders at http://www.ourblogtemplates.com/  They have a host of gorgeous templates that are a doddle to use.  This one has so many shiny, pretty options that I think I wasted a whole day tinkering around with it. 

I know my knitting must think my arms have been chopped off...


Lista Wednesday, 10 September 2008 at 03:05:00 BST  

Hooray! You did it! Everything looks great! Congrats on your wronicle!

Anonymous Wednesday, 10 September 2008 at 09:04:00 BST  

Wow, it looks fab! Great color scheme, very readable. That's what I miss chez Wordpress, you can't change colors. Poo.

Anonymous Wednesday, 10 September 2008 at 14:26:00 BST  

I love it! It's lovely. I am feeling inspired to overhaul my own little blog now!

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