Wednesday, 28 May 2008

K is for...

K: Little Sister Extraordinaire

Mum and K (around 8 months old)

6 things about K...

1: Sixteen months (and three days!) separate my wee sister and I. Even with such a small age gap, she's always been an independent wee soul. Some of my earliest memories surround shopping trips where I'd wait patiently with the shopping trolley while Mum went on a K-finding mission. Sis did have a propensity, when she was really young, to disappear when you weren't looking and charge off somewhere new and exciting; down the cereal isle or behind the fruit displays! Another memory in the same vein is her first day at our village primary school. I was instructed by Mum to look after her (primaries 1, 2 and 3 were in the same classroom) and I do remember feeling very protective of her. But in she went without any qualms, had no fear of meeting new people and adapted to her new environment with no problems at all. Quite startling for me, I remember, as I was quite the opposite - painfully shy!

Me (5), K (4) and L (11), our big brother

2: She is an amazing organiser and a very hard worker, a loyal friend and a generous soul. The university library, where she is the library secretary and P/A to the Chairman, is run by
her (pretty much) and she's VERY good at her job. It helps that she loves it too!

3: She always said she had no artistic talent, and that I received her share, but that it was fairly balanced because she had my share of organisational skills and common sense. (She wanted to be a secretary when she grew up and I wanted to be a silversmith!) She is correct in her last assumption and is certainly right about the common sense, but I think this pendant she made me for my birthday belies the first...

My birthday pendant - 99.8% pure silver
made with PMC (precious metal clay)

4: She is the proud mummy of Mickey, a long-haired tortoiseshell cat. Sis rescued him and his brother, Murphy, when they were 6 weeks old. Sadly, due to the previous owner’s mis-treatment and a dose of cat ‘flu when sis only had them a week (the rescue centre had missed the symptoms) Murphy didn’t make it. Mickey is a little brain-damaged thanks to the cat 'flu etc so has a wobbly walk and isn’t allowed outside, but apart from that he’s full of beans and adores K. And fish. But K a bit more, I think!

K and Mickey

5: K is a sterling wee sis, and I look forward every year to her summer visit and I miss her dreadfully when she leaves... We spend a rather high percentage of the time giggling together. I think the hilarity genes were pretty evenly distributed...

6: She sends me British chocolate care packages, too. What more could a person want in a sister?!


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Footerin' Aboot
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