Sunday, 4 May 2008

It's going to be one of those days...

You know - one of those days when the little niggles and tiny annoyances that normally don't upset you individually, decide to club together and have a weekend of fun and jollity at your expense... I think they had beer, too... *sigh*

Mild Vexation No.1 - I shall be attempting to make my way to Holland tomorrow for for a week of concerts. Normally this isn't a problem: Tours to Paris; metro from Montparnasse to Gare du Nord; train up to The Hague. Roughly 6 1/2 hours door-to-door. Tickets insanely easy to buy online. (It's cheaper than flying, for those that think I'm out of my mind! Remember, I'm Scottish and besides, it's an ideal opportunity to get my knitting freak on!)

But before I continue, I'll add a photo of something nice. Just to balance things up. This is what the postie brought me yesterday morning all the way from the Far East:

A shed-load of needles!

15 pairs of 120cm long circular needles and 15 sets of dpns, all bamboo. They're luverley! Okay, so they're not any famous brand and are, in fact, cheap Ebay items, but I am, as previously mentioned, Scottish! Now there is NO excuse to get started on those many pairs of socks that I have queued on a certain knitting site. Except, perhaps, purchasing the actual wool to make them. (See Mild Vexation No. 3)

Where was I? Oh yes, the voyage au Payes-Bas. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why I couldn't buy the tickets online like I normally do, so I ventured to the station to buy one there. All trains were allegedly already booked up for today AND tomorrow (wtf - that NEVER happens) but I finally managed to get tickets after cajoling, begging, using the 'I'm a stupid foreigner' card and, handily, just before I offered a bribe. (The lady at the desk gave in too soon - obviously new to the job.) It was on only passing a post office on the way back that I realised that this weekend is May Day bank holiday weekend. The trains from France will be filled to the gunwales with Dutch folk making their boisterous way back home after a long weekend tormenting the French. Aiee! So, I'll be on a train, filled with noisy Nederlanders and possibly sitting on the floor next to the door for the whole way. (Well, the lady said "Mais, oui, mademoiselle, vous avez le billet donc il y aura une place pour vous sur le train", so I can only hope that because I DO have the ticket for the journey, that there WILL be a place for me on the train...) Time will only tell if it is indeed standing room only.

Mild Vexation No2. - my printer died yesterday. The poor 5 year-old thing gave up the ghost just as I was away to print out the pattern for Sheryl Giles' 'Zombie Socks' which was to be my project for the train. I've been sitting at my compy knitting away, but I can't bring that with me, hulking tower system that it is... (and probably just as well, as I had to frog about 10 rows as I naïvely believed I could knit and read forum posts at the same time! *Insert exclamation of an Homer Simpson variety here*)

Back to the cuff - zombie-flesh green cotton...

Mild Vexation No.3 - I'm still waiting to be paid for the gigs I did in March. Not good. (Actually, this is more like 'Extreme Vexation No.1') The life of a wayfaring musician may seem quite glamorous, and indeed can be, but when you're waiting on, nay, depending on folk to pay you so you can pay other folk, things tend to suck. And there's that gorgeous yarn I've seen on Etsy that is crying out, crying out I tell you, to be knit into something by me, if only I could afford it!

But my moan is at an end. Thank you for your patience and/or indulgence. In reward I'll give you another picture of a WIP.

Giles' Wavy Socks attempt no.2
This Time It's Personal...

And one day I promise to learn about gauge, correct needle size and choosing the right yarn for the job!

P.S. I have to apologise about the fonts - sizing and type - for some reason Blogger is toying with my sense of aesthetics...


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