Thursday, 14 November 2013

Composition of the Stars

You may have noticed from my last post that I have a new pattern up - the Gold Star For Effort Scarf/Shalwette.  I have to say I'm rather pleased with it, especially as it took a very long time for it to get to its finished state.  Yes, I know - a designer of such simple items is perhaps not supposed to admit to taking months to get from the original concept to the finished item.  I suspect it should appear more like the apocryphal stories about Mozart and his compositional style - where we're led to believe most of his works were written as-is.  No revisions, no piano score to begin with, just pure and utter symphony (for example) in full score first time.  (He did just that, it must be said, for quite a few of his pieces...) 

No, I'm no Mozart of the shawls, I'm afraid, but I am quite interested in reliving the journey my little shawlette took to get from its starting point (from a comment by a Ravelry friend) to its final testing.

I explained in the last post how a comment about my first shawl led eventually to the latest shawl, but I thought it would be interesting to map out the journey in photos...  So here, starting from the first swatch, is a cosmically yarny tale in (mostly) picture form...

1.the confirmation that a chevron stitch creates an
excellent lower edge for a star
2. but the horizontal points at each side are proving
a tad difficult to line up properly
3. but they being to work better in a smaller form...
4. but then all definition is lost through an
overzealous eyelet effort
5. which then changes to an effort at doubling the eyelet
line which leads to a different kind of messiness
6. as does the second effort
7. but eventually the spacing begins to look neater
8. although there are still a few odd eyelets to fix
9. and the placement of a the upper double line to widen
10. there is hope and beads
11. and garter stitch
12. and enough yarn
13. for the finished item
14. which is rather dapper, even if I say so,


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Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
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