Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Gold Envelope Time

Thank you for all your entries in the WIN ALL THE PATTERNS ravelblogoversary competition!  I was quite intrigued with some of your answers, and some of your reasons for some of your answers!  

But first, let's have a list of colours guessed, and who guessed them (if you guessed more than 1 colour, then I took your first offering):

RED: maryw1968, ammcoy, Karen, Kathryn, Patti, Carwoman76, LtdEdition, Ariasnow.

ORANGE: midnightaurora, DreamCatcher, Rachel, liber, madmoon.

PURPLE: zuzusunshine, dizzybea, Bluroux, faayth.

GREEN: txjewelrylady, Mpindstrup, landolista, MunchkinMama, pieheart, rwest81, PaperGirl, HeatherOutsideBOS.

PINK: Vero, knitz67

BLUE : Dodi143

It's true, red is prevalent in my avatar and some of my prototype socks, but I have to say it's more coincidence than anything else!  If my design calls for a certain colour, like the Strawberry Mojito, or the Bloody Mary, then I'll usually go for the most obvious colour choice!  And, like it says in my Ravelry 'about me' section, the red in RedScot is 'merely the colour of my hair'!  

As for orange.  I do apologise to the orange-lovers of the world, but I try to avoid it as much as possible.  It has just never been a colour that I feel particularly drawn-to.  Of course, I do find this amusing every time there's a national/international sports fixture going on here in The Netherlands.  They're not called the Oranje just for the sake of it.  (Hup Holland!)

No, I shall put you all out of your misery and add a screencap I took of my profile page just before I posted about the competition (you may need to click on the photo for an enlargement):

So, if you guessed purple, green or black, then WAHEY, you got through to the next stage!

The next stage involved giving all the correct entries a number between 1 and 12 (the number of winning entries):  I gave them in the order they were given - from the blog, then from the thread on Ravelry:  

1 - Heather (zuzusunshine); 2 - txjewelrylady; 3 - Mpindstrup; 4 - dizzybea; 5 - landolista; 6 - MunchkinMama; 7 - pieheart; 8 - Bluroux; 9 - rwest81; 10 - PaperGirl; 11 - faayth; 12 - flamingfish; 13 - HeatherOutsideBOS

Then for something random, I asked my Facebook friends to give me a number between 1 and 13!  (You may have seen it!)  My friend Esther (HAI!!) answered first and gave me number 9 as the winning choice!

And that person is: rwest81  :: throws confetti ::

Congratulations, my dear!  I'll get the patterns to you on Ravelry!  If you'd like to donate any of them to someone else, do let me know and I'll gift whichever to whomever you'd like!  

Thanks to everyone who took part, and helped me celebrate my ravelblogoversary!


rwest81 Wednesday, 15 February 2012 at 16:50:00 GMT  

OYAY!!! Thank you! ♥ I'm so excited - now I have to decide which to cast on first. What a happy dilemma! :) HUGS

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Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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