Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hi Honey...

... I'm home!

honey socktails by yours truly (hot toddy version)
I know, I know - honey isn't the first ingredient that springs to mind when you're mixing cocktails of an evening, but you'd be surprised at its versatility: if you mix vodka, simple honey syrup, cranberry juice, a splash of lemon juice and a cherry garnish, for example, then you've got a Honeybee Cosmo!  Or perhaps some white rum, honey and cream for a Bee's Kiss...  Fancy something non-alcoholic? You can make a Great Grapes by combining grape juice, honey, lemon juice and soda water.  Going back to the booze, we can't forget the quintessential Winter comforter - the Hot Toddy: whisky, hot water, honey and lemon - simple but effective!

But come, young grasshopper, the journey towards Honey Socktail enlightenment begins at the honeybee toe:

toe of honeybee-ness
...through a honeycomb foot:

comb of footiness... wait...
... past a leg-full of honey-making bees:

honey-made leg-fullingness  of... no... 
... to the honey cuff, ready for full apian* appreciation!

cuff of completion
Final understanding is attained via an afterthought heel. And as I don't have any alveolar** appellations left for that, here's where the hosiery badinage ends!

Try not to look so happy.

afterthought heeliness
Or you can just click on this link and buy the pattern for yourselves.  5 steps to Socktual Enlightenment for only $3.50, £2.20, €2.60...***

Seriously!  Click here!

Or click HERE for the Ravelry pattern page

hot toddy socks
gjestal silja sock yarn
hand-dyed with beetroot by
great grapes socks
frog hair fibres
superwash merino
in amethyst

Many thanks to my Intrepid Test-knitters™ dizzybea, dyddgu, zaftigwendy, zuzusunshine, knitaddicted, TeleonicaRobsMom and LtdEdition for their invaluable help with this pattern.

* apian - pertaining to bees
** alveolar - of, or like a honeycomb
*** it's interesting to see how the rates of exchange have fluctuated over the last few pattern posts! 


Cassandra Thursday, 25 November 2010 at 07:41:00 GMT  

You're a MADwoman! They look fantastic! When will I see them (and you!) in real life?

Mousecanknit Thursday, 25 November 2010 at 09:36:00 GMT  

I love them! The socks are quite fantastic. I especially like the little beas along the leg.

PrincessPurling Sunday, 5 December 2010 at 10:57:00 GMT  

I am in LOVE!!!

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Footerin' Aboot
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