Friday, 19 June 2009

Remember me?

Do you?  I'm surprised because, shame on me, I haven't blogged in yonks.  No excuses. 

Well, actually, I have plenty: I was working in Dijon; I have been designing and knitting up more socks; I have been playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.
  The first excuse was excellent fun!  A concert of mostly Purcell in Dijon with some lovely friends.  I have photos and everything!

The second excuse is something I'm really enjoying, but the only downside is that I can't blog about it until a)
it's written-up properly, b) I've finished knitting-up all socks concerned, and c) I've had some intrepid test-knitters check it all out. 

The last excuse, considering it's a one-minute timed game on a social networking site, has been taking up an unconscionable amount of my time.  Addictive?  Only very.

But now I shall try and distract you from my lame time-losing rationalisations by showing you some pretty pictures.  Look - ooh - shiny...

eglise sainte-chantal in dijon

Actually, maybe not quite so oo-shiny, really...  I'll add some colour...

oo-shiny enough now?

Built in the late 1800's, for a catholic church, I  found it surprisingly unadorned.  Of course, this may just be my ignorance of 19th century French catholic architecture showing, but there were, thankfully, some very interesting stained-glass windows to admire instead.

ste gertrude, not sure, not sure again and ste jeanne-françoise de chantal

I was rather taken with the centre-piece behind the altar which not only showed lovely representations of Dijon Catherdral and other well-known Dijonnaise buildings but also some modern architecture.  I've never seen factories shown in stained-glass before, and there's also a nice nod in the direction of Mr Gurtav Eiffel (born in Dijon), the architect known principally outside France for building the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  You can see one of the bridges he built, shown in the main panel. (I've added close-ups, for your ocular delectation!)

I have to admit that I was also taken with a lovely scene with folk in Renaissance clothing - complete with slashed sleeves and elaborate ruffs.

do my arms look big in this?

But back to the seekrit socks...  Hopefully some news on that soooooon...


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Footerin' Aboot
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