Monday, 23 March 2009

RedScot's House of Orphans

The orphanage is one sock down.  Its friends have been sad to see it go, but Plum Crumble Jay No.1 has, after a long search through the interwebs, tv appeals, and a lifetime of waiting, found its sibling.

'jaywalkers' by grumperina in a&e 4-ply sock yarn in plum crumble

Yeah, okay, not technically an orphan, but a lovely friend up in Amsterdam wrote to ask how 'the orphans' were doing after I posted about all my single socks in the 'Drumroll' post a few weeks ago, and the name has stuck!  He also, in fact, gave meaning to the lives of all those single socks...  Oh, I have to quote him in full - it made me giggle!
"Hope all is well with you and the orphans (if you just make interracial couples of them, then there’s only one left… introduce the concept of polygamy - and you can just grab any two and wear them together… your single-sock sexual revolution may just remove the stigma of knitting one sock for good!)"
The Single-Sock Sexual Revolution may be something to look in to... later...  SSS?  NO, SSSR, baby, SSSR!

u can haz sibling

I do rather like the simplicity of this Jaywalker pattern - the 2 row pattern repeat is the perfect antidote to some of the complicated, wandering-cably, gazillion-row-repeatly, tear-your-hair-out-in-bunches tricksy patterns that I'm currently working on.  Very sooooothing, in fact.

Talking of tricksy numbers, here's a prime example.  Not soon after Plum Crumble Jay No.2 left the premises, Denim Dancer No.1 arrived at the orphanage door.

'come dancing' by laurie lee in frog hair fibers superwash merino sock in denim

Actually, the only tricksy part was the cuff - a picot edge involving knitting several rows, adding yo's on one row, folding down half and picking up inside stitches as well as current stitches.  And yes, I may have made it sound rather more difficult than it really is, but I was a tad perplexed and ended up with half the cuff looking semi-okay and the other half being twisted to hell and back again!

I must say though, that the pattern repeat is loveliness itself!  I MUST invest in a sock blocker so I can show my darlings off in a better light.

up close and personal

And the yarn... THE YARN!  So soft and smooshy and a JOY to work with.  Enough variation in colour to please the eye, but not so much that the pattern is lost.  Lovely, lovely, lovely!  But that cuff is enough to keep this little one housed at the orphanage for some time to come.


Anonymous Monday, 23 March 2009 at 23:01:00 GMT  

LOL! That quote is awesome!! I just may adopt that practice with what socks I have lying around, allbeit they are not hand knitted, but single socks that had their significant others' lost in somewhere, who knows. The come dancing pattern repeat is gorgeous.

Anonymous Tuesday, 24 March 2009 at 02:16:00 GMT  

Gorgeous! I love the Jays and the Come Dancing.

I read a post on Ravelry about SSS. This particular knitter never knit the same pattern twice, so even though her socks may have been knit from the same yarn, the pattern always varied. I kind of like your idea too.

Susan Monday, 30 March 2009 at 03:37:00 BST  

Very funny! My one daughter can wear socks that don't match & my husband's attitude is "close enough" but my other daughter and I are too OCD to even contemplate it. Love the jaywalkers.

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