Monday, 19 January 2009

No Sox Please, We're British

A lie, of course!  I finally got back on track with some coverings of the podalic variety.  I name these socks 'Rock Pool Socks'.  God bless, them and all who sail in wear them.

tidal wave socks by deby lake in noro kureyon sock colourway 150

I call these 'Rock Pool' socks as the colours of this yarn remind me of the little pools to be found on the rocky beaches near my home in Scotland, complete with gentle wavelets brought in by the tide.

But oh - the colours!  The colours (actually, it was the only colourway of their sock yarn that didn't make me want to run away, shielding my eyes and whimpering for ocular salvation) are beautifully muted in shades of (working downwards, and remember, children, mummy is just a tad colour-blind and may be relying on Dulux colour cards for nomenclatural inspiration...) periwinkle, mocha, slate grey, nutmeg, amethyst, turquoise, emerald, café-au-lait, cedar, ivory and back to periwinkle. 

rainbow'r'not us

I must admit though, that I was all "UGH, this yarn is AWFUL" to start with, as the first quarter of the ball seemed to include all levels of thickness (and thinness) from cobweb/embroidery thread to DK in places.  Okay, it's NORO and it's to be expected, but I was not of the happy bunny camp and lost some of the length to chopping out the ridiculously fine stuff, after having it break too many times just at the part that was being worked on...  But further on into the ball, and further on into the pattern, it seemed to even out a wee bit.

I made a couple of mods... or at least I think there were a couple, but I can only remember one off-hand:  I changed the heel-flap to 'eye-of-partridge- stitch, as it seems to be quite a hard-wearing stitch, and with this yarn I reckoned I needed all the help I could get...

eye-of-partridge - check the unevenness of the yarn
(although it may also be my non-knitting prowess showing through...)

The stitch pattern is easy to memorise, and after the first couple of repeats you see the wave pattern emerge.  Simple but effective.

[add audio of gently lapping waves here]

I recommend this pattern very much indeed.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  Oh no!  I finished another pair of socks, too!

'zombie socks' by sheryl giles in a&e 4-ply sock in maisie
'jaywalkers' by grumperina in a&e 4-ply sock in plum crumble

Hey - I didn't say they were a pair for each other, did I?!


Not ready for handspun Monday, 19 January 2009 at 13:57:00 GMT  

I'm just about to embark on Tidal Waves Socks for a KAL - yours look great!

Iron Needles Monday, 19 January 2009 at 15:26:00 GMT  

Your sock knitting is going great guns! You have really gained alot of skill over the past year in the techniques involved. Nicely done.

Anonymous Monday, 19 January 2009 at 18:13:00 GMT  

All of those socks are awesome! (Whether they are meant for each other or not.) I am working with Silk Garden Sock right now and am having the same issues. However, I'm too lazy to cut it apart. Oh, well.

Anonymous Monday, 19 January 2009 at 18:58:00 GMT  

Oh, the colors are GORGEOUS!!!

Library Secretary Wednesday, 21 January 2009 at 22:16:00 GMT  

Love the rock pool socks, sis. Just gorgeous! :-)

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