Monday, 17 March 2008


Man, I'm knackered! The second week of rehearsals for MERG are in full swing and going well - I say well, but really I mean surprisingly well. We (the three singers) have managed to remember not only the arias but also the blocking, staging and dances. Not bad for over a year away from it, believe me!
 Holland is dull, dingy, dreich and damp, as per usual, but it's jolly nice to see my friends up here. I discovered that three of the dancers have taken up knitting in the last year, so we've been comparing cables! (Or 'How Not To Cable' as it turns out...) The Swan, one of the dancers, has offered to introduce me to his favourite LYS (expensive) and another dancer, The Lovely Canadian, has offered to show me hers (euro-tastic). You can guess which one my wallet will let me visit... Oo - I have found a rather excellent craft shop in The Hague, though - I had to be torn away from the wire and beads and knitting needles and sparkly things and hooks and jewellery findings and embroidery threads and fimo blocks and hand-made paper and... Actually it was just as well there was a shop next door selling Cadbury's chocolate, or I would still be in the craft shop lusting over everything...
 But I have been knitting... mostly Q's draught excluder (still don't ask...) but I finished one of the Brigid socks - hoorah. I'll try and upload a photo, but as I'm not at my own computer I'm not sure if it will work...

Whee - upload successful! Ach well, the photo is not the best quality, but you get the gist... The sock fits, though - a grand accomplishment for me! I'm now on Brigid Two, but I'm also around row 40 of the Wavy Socks - 'tis a pretty pattern! Mum's Coco bag is also slowly being added to, but I'm hoping I'll have a plethora of FO's to post when I get back down to France at the end of the month...
 Q's Birthday Bear was a great success, btw, although after being named 'Stanley', he has now been re-christened 'Bear of Chucky' as his blue eyes seem to be unnerving the best friend somewhat... 'Tis easily remedied, but it did make me giggle!


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Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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