Sunday, 10 February 2008

Oh, Percy is ma darlin'

I've finally gotten around to doing some knitting. Praise be! Yeah, yeah, okay, I may have also been foutering* around with the template for a couple of hours, too... *cough* ahem. But it's all worked out nicely (although I think more by co-incidence than anything else) as the colours on this page match the colours of Percy! Okay, that sounds a bit sad, but really, it was a co-incidence - I just happen to like greens and purples! I'll even upload an image to see how sad I really am... Hold on...

Yup, pretty sad! I do LOVE how the yarn goes all 'pointalistic' in the seed stitch, though! It (rather sentimentally) reminds me of the holidays with my family in Perthshire when I was young - colours of the glen, heather and gorse!

*Okay - enough blethering*! At this point, maybe I should explain some of the words around here... Except for the welcome message at the top, which is in Scots Gaelic, (totally pretentious - I don't speak Gaelic at all!) all the headings are in Lallans, which is Lowland Scots, a dialect/language that my grandparents spoke, my parents to an extent, and me, well, I understand them, but after studying in England for 5 years, I pretty much had them beaten out of me!


Aboot - about.
Afore - before.
Am - I'm.
Blethering - to talk, chat or gossip. To say that something is 'blethers' is to say it's nonsense.
Buiks - books.
Craturs - creatures.
Crivens - a word of surprise, or admonishment.
Feenisht - finished.
Freens - friends.
Footering/foutering - to potter, fiddle with or muck around with something.
Hou - How.
Ither - other.
Larach - home (actually a ruined house or foundation, but I like the word!)
Limn - a portrait or picture.
Locus - a place, site or position.
Masel' - myself.
Mony - many.
Nou/noo - now.
O' - of.
Photies - photos.
Smyte - small collection.
Wee - little or small.
Whit - what.

There - that'll keep you going for a while!! Must get back to Q's teddy and I hear Percy calling my name...


Mair Bloag Weejits

Footerin' Aboot

Footerin' Aboot
Heh! I'm so funny!

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